c’t86: First 16 bit 8086 DIY Computer from 1984

This blog describes my second Computer, the c’t86, a DIY project of the german computer magazine c’t.

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/tujJqBYyxOc

More details and pictures see at:

RoSchmi/CT86: Some infos about the c’t86 DIY computer from 1984 (github.com)

Forum discussion:

Gibt es noch c’t86 Benutzer zum Erfahrungsaustausch – Mikrocomputer aus Deutschland – VzEkC e. V. (classic-computing.de)

Playing with SC/MP – Computer from 1977

Some weeks ago I got my very first vintage computer from 1977 – a SC/MP – out of the cupboard. I repowered the board, and … it runs like a One.

I used a Olympia ES 100 Daisy-Wheel-Typewriter together with the SC/MP. The typewriter needed replacement of some gears.

But now everything is running:

Video about my SC/MP – Computer

Link to some own programs for SC/MP

Link to SC/MP Disassembler

Some pictures can be found here:

Elektor SC/MP-II Bilder – Einplatinencomputer – VzEkC e. V. (classic-computing.de)

View Azure Storage Tables on iOS


Tool to view Azure Storage Tables on iOS

Azure Storage Table service proved to be a valuable and inexpensive service to store my Sensor Data in the Cloud.
Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer is a great Program to view and edit Azure Storage Tables on Windows, Linux and Mac.
However I missed a simple tool to view Azure Storage Cloud Tables when being not at home on iPhone or iPad.
So I decided to bite the bullet to make a Xamarin.forms App for iOS.

Get more information on this page: AzureTabStorClient.wordpress.com

Rfm69 Driver / Library for NETMF / Gadgeteer

Code can be downloaded from here….

RFM69 radios are transceiver modules with low power consumption which are well-suited for applications where only low datarates are required.
Typical applications are radio transmissions from sensors to e.g. IoT gateways.
If sensor data are transmitted only in large time intervals, RFM69 radios can be sourced by a battery for a long time.
There are nice combinations of Arduino clone MCUs with RFM69 radios like the Moteino from LowPowerLab.com or the Adafruit Feather M0 RFM69 which can be connected with a sensor to transmit sensor data wireless to a Gateway where the sensor data are displayed, stored or sent to the Cloud.
Felix Rusu of LowPowerLab.com published a reliable open source library for their Moteino RFM69 combination which uses the package mode of the RFM69 to send encrypted messages with a length of up to 61 bytes.
In this project this Arduino library was adapted to C# for NETMF / Gadgeteer Mainboards, so that NTEMF / Gadgeteer Mainboards in combination with RFM69 radios can serve as a Gateway.

I used the Adafruit RFM69 Transceiver Breakout as it is easier to handle as a bare RFM69 radio module but the bare modules should work as well.
More details about the function of the driver can be seen in the text in Program.cs
The project consists of a driver for Gadgeteer Mainboards (e.g. Spider II)and a version for pure NETMF (Cobra III).
In the project two arduino sketches (receiver and transmitter) for e.g. the Moteino are included to demonstrate the conversation in both directions.